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   ether you are after, Social Media campaigns such as Ranga, Product shots like Go Bamboo, Moving Pictures akin to Red Leaf Surfboards, Website imagery to impress like Heartspace, Real Estate work to sell - L J Hooker, Event Coverage similar to ECT, School Photos that are fresh - GISINT, Newspaper Editorial work New Zealand Herald, Restoration, Digitalisation or anything in between or beyond, please get in touch to discuss.

After a brief detour from my creatively inclined nature into an International Business degree led into the commercial world, before later returning to college to study Photography. It is this insight into the business and marketing functions that allows me to apply my creativity with a true understanding of your business needs. 




Go bamboo

'As a start up company trying to create the right impression was a serious consideration for us. Phil took on the brief to capture all our product range. Phil made the process a piece of cake and the results both technically and in mood, are outstanding.'

Mick Williams - Go Bamboo

Red Leaf Surfboards

Phil and I worked closely together when he made a promotional video for us and It was a real pleasure. he created a relaxed and enjoyable working environment whilst being thoroughly dedicated to his craft and going above and beyond to make sure he captured everything he required. The end result was fantastic. A real testimony to Phil's ability to understand the clients needs and to his skills as a photographer creating beautiful imagery that stands alone as art in its own right.


'Phil's professionalism, in terms of process, communication, and delivery, on time and to budget, made for a very smooth running project. Most importantly his interpretation and delivery on the Brief were spot on. The imagery delivered exceeded our expectations'

Bernie Cunneen - Ravensdown


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        or me, it's personal. I love what I do and I care as it is my name on the door. A name that people have trouble pronouncing - Yo! It is an Olde English surname (my homeland) meaning water. Fitting really as this is where I spend my down days, in the ocean with my family. The company logo is my family crest, representing myself, my two children and my wife. She is instrumental in what I do. She'll tell you I am a romantic having proposed under a blue moon, but don't tell my mates.

Our lives are considered, empathetic and ethical. With some bold views and opinions we are conscientious and aspire to improve the world..
             ..but that is a story for another day!


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